Just got scammed, need help!

Hello, I’d like to keep this short as I’m sure this type of thread isn’t a first, but I’m posting here in hopes that maybe my issue will be addressed at all sooner. Recently bought a Amazon giftcard, but never received the code. Like an idiot I believed him when he said the code would be sent after confirmation was made. Big red flag I know, but him already having a positive status and previously sold cards led me to believe him. I have screenshots of our conversation proving that he asked for confirmation first, and completely went silent after I had done so (hope it’s enough to prove my case for support). I have since reported the user and a ticket was made as a result (I don’t know if I was supposed to make a ticket by some other means, so I only have that one as of now, also included the screenshot in case that’d help). I’m incredibly close to just doing a chargeback on my card, but half the amount was in gameflip wallet I had, and I don’t want to be accused of being the scammer for charging back on a purchase I “confirmed”. So, I really just hope customer support will pull through for me on this, though I doubt they’ll see anything on a weekend (if a member does come across this first, my request number is 464166/ edit: 464167 made this second ticket through the helpdesk not sure if this one would take priority in the matter though, or profile code: NAMA9W). I had also made a comment on one of his other selling items to inquire what was going on, but he proceeded to delete those listings and made new ones to replace them. So please be aware of the user selling this item (hope it’s fine to post): https://gameflip.com/item/-100-00-amazon/b43652d5-86dc-4297-8561-c50835cb1773
I’m aware of the mistake I’ve made, I truly just hope everything can be made right.

also post the transaction number from the purchase, and don’t worry, the funds are frozen on the scammers account for probably 7 days, so he won’t be able to spend them yet.

So if what you say is true, moderators will very likely refund you.


Thank you, that’s reassuring to hear. I went a bit more into detail in my second ticket (which includes the order number, adding for an extra measure like you wrote: c0549834-5cbc-421c-a22f-a86ef1492a74). I don’t think I described the situation with any bias though I’m admittedly upset, so I hope you’re right in that the mods will refund me after viewing the official ticket with the screenshot.

Hello CheapCheap!

I just answered your ticket :wink:

Your issue has been cleared and the seller is suspended permanently.

PS. Do not complete the transaction before receiving the item next time, even if the seller tells you to. Also if you have problems during a transaction, open a dispute and we will help you out.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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