Kid trying to blackmail me for more than agreed upon .

Does not want to rate, asking more than agreed upon .

Greentext :

First he asked for 200 mal, when he bough a 100x mal listing .
Then hes like oh its 100 sorry .
after i gave him the 100 he said give me more mal or no pay .
Then no pay cause one guy in my friends list ~scammed~ someone ( With he did not )
Then i wont pay cause you are beeing rude .

Kids Profile :

Proof :

Ive had this happen too. Just mark it as delivered and when he disputes send the proper evidence.

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This is retarded, that kid also asked for good rating after the blackmail .
He got 100% good ratings … How many sellers did he blackmail

@DunnBiscuit Whats your opinion on the matter ?

The thing is, you can’t rate sellers badly without ending the transaction -> no refund after rating bad.
Pretty poorly made

This case the buyer is the scammer .

Oops, nevermind, sorry!

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Hello, please open a support ticket for that, send all the evidence you have, so the support can investigate this properly.

It is indeed odd.

Thank you.