Lazor Games is A joke!

I bought a digital code of the Division from them. Every other listing for the digital version of the game is automatic delivery, for some reason this one is not. Upon realizing this and being a bit upset I asked Lazor Games how long it would be before ai received the code. After multiple messages with no response I am now extremely upset as this should have been an automated delivery as every other one of his listings are listed as such. Be aware of this seller as he\she ignores any messages conpletely.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, but actually I know for a fact that majority of their digital listings are not Instant Delivery. There might have been a few that were, but They get their codes when a user places their order, not before as this could leave a Seller paying for something that doesn’t sell. I suggest that you understand that actual listing that you are buying and not to base it off of previous ones sold.

As for communication, you have to realize that they get hundreds of notifications a day and can’t get to everyone’s message. As well as message notifications aren’t the only thing Sellers get. There’s a message for items being sold, delivered, shipping labels created, etc. Will all of this and a cap of 50 latest messages, it’s hard to see everything.

The other thing is when were you messaging them? You have to take into consideration the actual time of when you’re trying to get a hold of them. I know that they are located in CA and typically work during normal business hours.

All I ask is that you are understanding of where a Seller might be coming from, especially if the listing gave you all of the appropriate information.

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Its a bit misleading when every other Division code is auto delivery. You assume that this one would be also. Maybe it was my mistake by placing an order and not double checking but when you see 20 other listings by the same seller as auto delivery you start to assume they all are and hit buy before someonw else does.

There should be a distinction between shops and regular sellers.


I agree with Bur, Before you make your purchase @Sacrinis please be sure to check the “seller sends in” section before purchasing.
I have about half and half that are instant delivery items and half that are sends in 1 day or less.
it depends on the items, our stock, and other considerations.

also like bur mentioned please be aware of the time you bought the item and what time you send a message. for me who is also in California i work night shifts 6pm-5am. wake up around 230pm so i dont have a lot of time either but i do my best to get to my customers and make sure i contact them and give them their codes as soon as i possibly can because i know as a buyer i want it ASAP too.

Just understand that and be patient.

Not all listings can be automatic delivery, also please be aware if they are Region locked or not BEFORE purchase.

and like BurTheFly mentioned there are caps in messages as well as other potential buyers/ tons of emails being sent to us on a weekly basis. it will take time but we( as sellers) will get to you.

And try not to bash someone soo soon before the purchase can be completed. if he never messaged you and it was past the 3 days when hes supposed to send then yeah there is more understanding to be very upset and have this topic. Hope you understand and that all has been solved already.

Hey, can you explain this a bit better? I’d like to understand what you mean exactly. Thanks

Shops drop 30 listings at a time, it pollutes the feed.

Honestly it just comes from the listing page not being grouped by games, can get messy looking.