Listings of Nintendo digital games (codes) are no longer allowed

I’m a buyer not a seller and never had any problems as I buy from what are obviously trusted sellers. Surely those sellers should still be allowed, seems unfair to tar them with the same brush

yeah, you are legit, my friend bought few codes from you

Good that action was taken but like others said hope something gets figured out to have a solution for sellers without problems. I’ve sold lots of Switch codes without any buyers having issues.

There are a few codes listed from verified sellers though, so I wanna be there too, over 100 sales and perfect reputation seems pretty decent, huh. I sent my pics, my code is FK25KA.

Stolen credit cards strike again…


Good luck in sorting it out. I hope it gets done as I have found this site to be a real help and have bought quite a bit for my Switch from here. Never had any problems at all luckily.

Relax dude they are never active on the weekends you will get a reply tomorrow.

Is there a way to put myself on a list to be updated when this temporary shutdown is over?

I didn’t know now this… my bad

So even if I as seller had only positive feedback for the Nintendo games I still can’t sell? I had +300 positive reviews for those ones so please let me know.

It’s a “temporary” situation, so let’s hope it doesn’t last long.

No worries sorry if I came off rude lol @Dean_Watson

Would be nice to know when normal service will be resumed?

it is too early to tell, but you should probably expect at least a month… this is however just an estimate by me, so i could be wrong

Any update?

In all honestly, good reviews mean absolutely nothing when it comes to these gift cards. Reason being, the codes work AT FIRST, then days later the bans and chargebacks occur. By that time the sale is already confirmed and rated good by the buyer because their codes worked AT FIRST. That’s how these scammers are able to have great reviews, can’t always trust feedback in these cases. For example, “he who must not be named” scammed several hundred people because he had “all good feedback”… but when you think about the bigger picture, how would he have received any bad? Reviews can’t be edited so that positive is there forever.

I guarantee if Gameflip made it mandatory for sellers to provide proof of purchase for gift cards, their would be very little “Legit Sellers” left. Lol shameful, a few of the scammers are on this very thread complaining because they can’t scam anymore. Lmao! Good Job Gameflip :+1:t4::+1:t4:

Good points. But isn’t this also a problem for every other listing? I guess it’s harder to acquire legit switch codes.

It’s not gift cards, it’s game codes…

Gift card codes or game codes… clearly all the same in Gameflip’s eye… hence the ban

No it’s not, it’s only Switch game codes that Gameflip are no longer allowing to be sold. The sale of Nintendo gift cards is unaffected as they aren’t the reason users have been banned by Nintendo…