Looking for trusted amazon gift card seller

looking for Mods that know Looking for trusted amazon gift card sellers none that have a rating of my amazon account got suspended due to fraud gift cards

They all work don’t worry just go with seller with at least 30 Positive Rates

Hello @mikewest,

From my knowledge, I am not sure if there are many moderators/staff that sell gift cards.

All gift card sellers must be ID verified in order to sell, meaning it’s highly likely that all sellers are trustworthy. Remember that there are still people who use frauded gift cards, so be wary of any low-rating sellers or sellers with a suspicious amount of negative reviews.

Light Speed! :cloud_with_lightning:

Hi @Aeralo

i thinks i got scammed are you a moderator that can help me?

Hello @xPzsd,

Are you questioning about this topic? Seller Won’t respond After requesting a picture

If so, I was reading through it. :slight_smile:

Yes That’s it

I Can really use your help