lyskayshop doesn't answer (used code)

just that, 1 week without an answer, and couldn’t open a dispute that time

Can you tell me more about this issue and send more information such as order ID, so I can provide further help?



Order ID: a60f1db5-ea09-4121-8a17-ade3101e0041

Itunes 50Usd Card

He’s not answering in his new posts or anything, its like a bot

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I see that you sent only one message and the transaction is completed already.

I suggest you to try message him via his listings.

Thank you.

He is not answering in his listing either, thats why i posted this

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There is nothing much I can do here unfortunately. A dispute should’ve been created regarding the case, it was a way to draw his attention as well.

I know, i forgot to do that, but when that things happens with other sellers, like steam pumpkin, they respond inmediately on skype or the listings, i mean…this guy doesn’t have customer support, is not answering, and already saw a few posts talking about him…its shady

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That guy doesn’t care. If you have any issue or rate slow, he’ll simply block you.

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Thats what im seeing

sorry for being in your affairs what is the steampumpink skype?

Lyskayshop has had troubles with some customers too…

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Regarding issues with this seller, please don’t forget to open dispute and report any unual activity so we can investigate further.

Thank you.

You have 3 days, then you are out of luck! With some sellers you have to make sure the card is as described.

I know, never had problems before with him, and im not saying that he is actually scaming, but man…at least an answer, explain or check the code, maybe he selled the same code before and its a mistake, don’t know for real…


And now he blocked me lol, people was right