Maybe a problem with a seller! Google Gift Cards

Hi! im having trouble with a gift card from " IZY_Shop " the code is not working and he is not responding…also i saw in his reviews customers complaining when the code is bad, should i worry?

Well, technically, yes you should worry if code isn’t working and seller isn’t responding for more than 10 hours. That is because they might be sleeping during when you bought it.

Did you record the whole thing from purchasing of code to using code to showing the error that code is already used? Open a dispute, provide proof and escalate dispute if seller doesn’t reply at all.

Would be best if you open a ticket to Support regarding the dispute as well if seller doesn’t reply/help with used code.

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Hi! 15hs already passed…can some admin check on this kind of sellers?

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You should start to open a dispute ,send proof in the dispute, escalate dispute and send a ticket to Support. DM MajorTom/DarkKnight directly about it with the order ID and ticket ID after doing the first few.

Already opened the dispute!