Money dissapeared from my account.

A while ago i gave someone my referal code and i used the one of the youtuber that linked me the code. So i had 1 dollar in my balance.

Now after like a month i came back to notice my balance is 0.00 dollars and my referal is still fully completed so i cant use a different code.

The site says i have a dollar at the refferal screen but in my balance it says i dont have anything.

Can someone help me?

The money you get from referrals doesn’t stay in the account. It actually expires after a period of time (I don’t remember how long off the top of my head). This is explained more in the FAQ section on the app or in the sight.

So in short, and unfortunately, you didn’t use the dollar quick enough. Sorry dude.

Hi @Joel_la_Soe, as you can see in this FAQ answer, the credit expires after 7 days.

If you have any question, please, let us know, :smiley:

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well why is there no warning and if there is why wasnt I informed that had changed? And at the moment I got the referral the option to withdraw items was not working. And I get why the 7 day limit is there. But I find it sad that i cannot get the reward I got for helping out the site right at the beginning at a moment when it didn’t fully work yet. I hope I can still get a reward for telling a lot of people about the site because I really like the site and I tried to promote it to a lot of my friends. Thanks for the replies by the way. <3

We do our best to let users know that their Credits do expire and when. This is why when you receive the initial email when you get Credits, that they expire in X days. As well as when you go to your Balance section, there’s a countdown to when they expire.

Thanks for your reaction.

I see that I didn’t see the e-mail with the expire time. But I can’t remember seeing anything at my balance tab about my credits having an expire date. At the moment I got the credits the withdraw system didn’t work for about a week. And after that my credits were long gone. I noticed the expire time is 3 days what is quite short if you ask me. I would like to have a second chance to use my 1 dollar because I like this site and I want to do more on here then just use my starter dollar. I would hate to lose my reward because of a problem on the other end.

As far as any withdraw issues around that time, unfortunately this shouldn’t effect your Credits balance as you cannot withdraw Credits. But feel free to send in a ticket to Support and we can look into your account and get more information about what the actual issue was to see what we can do for you.

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