Multiple Tickets Submitted with no responses

Hi, I have been submitting tickets for 7 days now and have not gotten any responses.
My issues are
Was not delivered a $27 in game item. ((Need resolved))
Cashout for $90 ((needs approval)) FIXED*
Cashout for $34 ((needs approval))
Transaction canceled $41 needs to be returned to my PayPal for cancellation… ((needs answer))

Please get back to me in a timely fashion I’m tired of submitting tickets and they are going unanswered. I love the site and what u guys have done and have no problem paying the fees for the middleman services. Please help me resolve my issues TODAY!!!

6UEUPV is my invitation code.

atleast you’re waiting on a small amount… I’ve been waiting 6 days now for approval on $1058. I also have sent a bunch of emails to support and joker an got no replies.

WOW!!! MY $90 bucks finally was approved today!

wow I wish mine would get approved