My account been suspended because buyer try to scam me and i fight back

It’s been 2 years ago since then i got suspended because of that reason and i am very sorry for that what i want to fight is i have 400+ usd dollars on my account that i cant withraw because of that suspension… right now we are on pandemic problem my mother and sister got positive in covid-19 and our money doesn’t that much to buy some food and medicine… thats why im here again to help me get my money on my account because we badly needed it right now i know i make mistake but im begging you guys please help me

Profile Code: UV2UNT

Hello @rcee1026,

Sorry for the wait.

I understand your situation, but unfortunately we are unable to remove the suspension off of the account because of the reasons that lead your account to a suspension.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

For further doubts or questions regarding your account, feel free to contact the Support Team using the following link:

God Speed! :trident: