My Account Got Suspended With $4,661.39 USD

hi there,

i’m seller on gameflip.
this from a long time ago,but i never accept it.
maybe this from 1 years ago ( i dont know when i can create Topic on forum before )

totals i buy $4.210
my profit : $451.039
totals of my wallet : $4,661.39
i lost all of that :confused:

all of my listing based legal, i sell xbox giftcards and xbox live without any problems, but when i try to sell “PUBG Keys” my buyer got revoked. as you know i just buy code and resell it. so i never know when code going revoked. so when my listing got revoked, all the problems come from “PUBG Key listing” i think like some listing got revoked. so why gameflip not refund on the listing from my wallet??? why they take action to suspended my account?

also all of proof already sent to help support. but they never reactive my account!
Screenshot 1 :
Screenshot 2 : *change ending link on screenshot 1 with ( ma71bk )

proof of my buyer after redeem code and rate me, but when i’ll rate my buyer i got this :
*change ending link on screenshot 1 with ( ma71q9 )

my profile already not found right now:

some proof of my feedback : *change ending link on screenshot 1 with ( ma72jo )

i can give all screenshot as proof in here if possible to get my money back. ( but they say “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”)


When you sell keys, you should be sure of source. Buying on website such g2a and reselling here is a risk, always.

Anyway, good luck.

I understand your situation.To me you are right to say they can refund from your wallet for revoked ones.I hope you will get your account back.

Hello, I just checked your account and it was suspended over an year ago and unfortunately there is nothing I can do nor the support team. We have enough evidence so maintain your account state as it is.

Therefore this case is closed.