My account was hacked with my debit on it

Dear gameflip my account Flare_BurZ was hacked and they removed my phone so i cant get in. please help it has my debit card and paypal on it! terrible security never got a verification text for them to sign on and i have 2 step!

How do you know your account was hacked, was there a purchase you never made? The phone number is tied to the Gameflip account and cannot be changed by the user.

If you browse the forums for 5 more minutes, you should be able to use the Private Message feature, then go to the moderator’s profile and click on “Message” and give them the phone number (including the country code) you used to register on Gameflip.

It won’t let me message the moderators?

There are some anti-spam conditions a user has to meet to “unlock” the private message ability. Just browse the forum some more, and if you don’t see the message button, relog through this forum.

Hello it’s still saying sorry can not send a message to this user sorry but I need this done soon the account has my debit card on it any other way I can quick contact you

You need a “Basic User” badge that’s earned from browsing the forums (for it to not think you’re a bot). If you still can’t use the private message feature, contact instead and give them the phone number you registered on Gameflip for them to identify you.

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The correct way to create a ticket is go to here:

Sending them email takes longer because they will in turn ask for your profile code and additional information about your account (e.g. your phone number) before they can do anything.

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