My hold disputes are not being solved

My holds that I placed on my primary Gameflip account are not being solve I have two opened at the moment where two scammers sold me gift cards for Xbox nd&& one has been “investigated” for 13-15 days ! Nd&& I’m tired of waiting on my refund for 12.00 nd&& one is for like 1 or 2 dollars my account that I sell off of name is ItsDarkvoidOG I need this seen about immediately nd&& another thing I’m being charged the commission nd&& digital fee when I’ve upgraded to the gold subscription already on my account that I sell things on I need this to be seen about

The moderators need the invite code of the account you need help with.

Gold and platinum subscription have been phased out and it shouldn’t have been possible for you to upgrade to the gold subscription right now. Could you please give a cropped screenshot of ?

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