My orders are always being held under review.

i’m not being able to purchase anything due to always being under review, I am not getting any payment verification and I’m not able to remove my paypal so i can use it on other accounts.
I need help because I want to make a purchase asap.
order ID : 793d790c-328d-4ee9-aad8-dde5012450f1
thank you in advance.

Hello Max_Smith!

We sent you an e-mail requesting verification on your Paypal purchase.

Could you please check your Paypal e-mail?

God speed!

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I checked it, and I recieved an emal to authorize a payment. what do i do now?

Bruh my purchase just got canceled because of the payment verification


Hi @DarkKnight, since this thread mentions the use of multiple accounts, I thought I’d use the opportunity to ask if you can verify if it’s allowed to have multiple active accounts on Gameflip?


You received the e-mail confirmation and had to answer that e-mail within 24h. That time passed and you did not answer, so the purchase was canceled.

Hello Oscar_Ha!

Yes, you are allowed to have more than one account, but it is recommended to have one as it is easier to buy and sell, since all your history will be on one account.

Just please note that creating other Gameflip accounts is prohibited if your account is suspended.

God speed!

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