Need A Refund For My $25.00 Xbox Gift Card

So once again I bought a $25.00 Xbox Gift Card for myself and the code fails to work so i have nothing. So he then tells me to try again and now this time the code has been redeemed and to prove that it wasnt me here is my Xbox Purchases my Order ID btw is: 869e18c1-af26-4db4-9d11-c0a66478b43a this was bought Yesterday 17th May 2018
Here is my order history:
And Proof That the Code doesnt work anymore:
Please may i get a quick response last time took over a week and i waited for ages.
DunnBiscuit you there?

Until a moderator replies to you, be sure to open a dispute if you haven’t done so already.


I just answered yuour ticket,


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