Need help with listing

When I tried listing my tf2 weapons/cosmetics I listed four of them. The first three worked, but it didn’t let me post the fourth one.

It said something about setting the shipping time or something. How do I fix it?

shipping_within_days is the result of pressing from the Listing Details page:

Delivery Method > I will coordinate with buyer to transfer > 1 day (or 2 days 3 days)

First note that for TF2 items, only coordinated transfer is available right now (no bot trade). So after you choose a number of days then that shipping_within_days variable gets set, so it seems to have not been according to the server error message. Have you tried deleting that listing and creating a new one?

Oh. But the three other items were bot trades and they worked.

For the fourth one, did you do bot trade or coordinated transfer?

Also bot trade

If you still encounter that error when creating a bot trade then just set it as coordinated transfer, as that is how TF2 listings have been for the last month.

Thanks I fixed it. I was doing it on the mobile app. Gameflip needs to update it.