Need order cancelled, guy has not delivered in time agreed

My code: HLFE52
I have and individual that is ignoring my request to cancel an order, until recently he finally said he would but now “left me on read” and won’t cancel the order, then the second guy just hasn’t responded;
Order 1: 592385c8-3d02-4a7b-b9c5-1b40a712e603

Order2: aedd0383-ad7a-47e9-b4aa-8703c67ddab6

P.s i don’t know if this goes here if not please let me know and I’ll remove it! Thanks Gameflip team!


After checking the order, I was able to cancel the transaction. thanks.

Thank you DunnBiscuit, where you able to look at the second one as well?

Hello! As I checked, both were canceled.