Order delivery - No response

Hello i placed a order 1 day ago and says it is Under Review. I created tickets but no response. Please give me my giftcard code.

My code: WX6C3J

Order id: 03943b4a-6673-4dd9-9170-08a62ef88b60

Hello, did you buy a gift card from store and he didn’t respond to you?

Hi , Did you buy xbox code from me ?

under review cause gameflip need to verify your payment , i saw your order already ship to you :slight_smile: thanks for your purchase :slight_smile:

This is first time he bought anything from gameflip , and gameflip need to verify his payment :slight_smile: i usually reply my customer :slight_smile:

Oh, sounds good and good luck with your sales bro!

@Robert_Mihai Now problem Solved.

thks bro :slight_smile:

you are welcome!

Please verify this order too i want codes fast


Hello Robert

You will need to submit a ticket from there https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Then put your order id and type “Verify this order for me”

I opened ticket and i sent the code but no answer

They will Answer you as soon as possible when they answer another tickets, Don’t worry about that.

Ok i sent on email the codes and no response

it takes like 1 ~ 2 days it depends on how many tickets they got. but don’t worry they will answer soon

Why takes to much? I sent confirmation codes but order still under Review

it just takes some time bro.

But order is payed. Passed 2 days. Order will be canceled if it will not be completed?

you can cancel the order after 1 day and half you will have the down there " Cancel the order" from that you can cancel it easily.

They cancelled my 3 orders. Why??? I used 2 coupons and 3$ promo balance. How i can get it back.