Need Withdrawal for Med Bills! Suspended for Valid Gift Cards


The title says it all, I was suspended despite checking with the retailers and confirming which ones accepted egift cards and which ones didn’t. I removed the gift cards in NY drafts that are physical only and I put all of my items on auto delivery.

I desperately need the withdrawals for my medical bills on the 18th!! I will review each listing with Gameflip staff - but please let me withdraw!

@DunnBiscuit my code is 894VUC

Sadly they dont care why you need the money it it doesn’t help expedite the process either but I hope ypu are able to pay your med Bill’s

Thank you, I hope so too, I only have a few more days. Hopefully I get help from an admin

I just saw your post history. You are the reason my account was suspended. I pay my mother’s medical bills as well as my own, she has Stage 4 cancer and I have a chronic illness. My gift cards are verified with the merchant and I check each one on the retailers website. Shame on you, you made my week so much harder than it already is, and for what? @Shannon_Parker1 maybe consider that some of us are here simply to sell legit items and suppport families

@DunnBiscuit I just saw your comment about no food gift cards, even if they are legit and verified. I won’t list anymore food or food retailer gift cards. I have a significant amount in my wallet that I’d like to be able to withdraw. I thought I was following the terms of use if the store sells and accepts egift cards. Thanks!

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Hello, your account was suspended for 7 days. Please, contact me here after 3/22 so I can revise your suspension.

Thank you.

Hi, sent you a dm. Thanks! @DunnBiscuit my invite code: 894VUC

After evaluating your suspension, I could remove it.

Thank you.