Negative Rating System

I was just given a negative rating for not delivering an item when the buyer didn’t respond for 2 days after purchasing an item. And then you (Gameflip) gave me a warning for not delivering within the guidelines threatening to suspend my account. If you’re actually suspending accounts when it’s obvious that the seller is not at fault, not to mention give poor ratings to the seller, you should actually do research into the activity. This is a very poor look on your company and you should take a serious look at this issue. This is my second poor rating because the buyer didn’t respond in time.

I’ve provided an image of my comment and the buyers comment two days later. If anything, the buyer should be given a negative rating in this instance. Please provide feedback and reasoning for your decision towards both my rating and your threat to suspend my account.

Hey Toshi_Ableson!

I’m sorry to hear about this :confused:

Could you please inform me your invite code and transaction code, so I could have a further look into this issue?

God speed!

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Hey @DarkKnight!

What happened to OP happened to me a couple of days ago as well.

I sent you a message with the Order Number, my Invite Code, and screenshots of the correspondence.

If you could look into that when you have the time as well, I’d appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

This happened to me as well. The support ticket was just closed automatically without any reponse from support. I’d really like this fixed, since it just seems like you’re punishing well-intentioned sellers.