New currencies available! (Nuevas monedas disponibles!)

Hello Flippers!

There are new currencies available in the marketplace! You can now add funds to your Galefip wallet using Argentinean Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Colombian Pesos or Mexican Pesos!

But what you can do with added funds? You can purchase any item on the marketplace or subscribe to any Gameflip Club subscriptions in case you are a seller!

For more information about the currencies and how to add funds to your wallet using them, please check our FAQ article:

Let me know if you have any questions,



Thats great!

Just a tip, BoaCompra sucks really hard, at least in Argentina…imagine that Steam tried it a few months and then they shutdown the BoaCompra payments because all the errors in payments

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This is awful, now the only option that i have to add funds to my wallet is BoaCompra, and BoaCompra sucks, it is the worst payment option available, i need to use google pay again, or skrill.

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Yeah Google Pay if by far the best method right now