New Feature: Region Restriction Filter

Hello Flippers!

Hope everyone is doing well :smiley:

We are here to announce the release of a new Gameflip marketplace feature, the Region Restriction Filter.

This new feature will help ease your searches when looking for a GC or game code in your region.

The Region Restriction Filter can be found in the Filter By left side panel when searching for your desired code, as shown below:

Please provide us feedback of this new feature, so we can improve and understand if this is working as expected for our users.

Godspeed! :trident:

Did this break the Sort by Availability filter when searching under a Seller’s listings? Because now I can’t sort out all the Sold listings when looking under a seller’s listings. Makes it really hard to see what is available and what already is sold.

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Looks like it’s fixed as I see it now.

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