Suggestion - Region restriction in titles


I have suggestion that will help a lot of people, I believe.

Is it possible to auto-add region restriction in the title? Some kind of info in the title, or special “region restricted” tag? There are users who don’t include this info in their titles and I’m pretty sure they are just hoping a lot of people will make a mistake and buy game that is not for their region.

I always try to add that info somewhere in my titles something like this - “Game title [EU]”, or “Game title [see restrictions]” with adding more detailed info in usual Region restriction section.


There are listings as this one where many people will not notice that this game is only for Russia. If you don’t believe me, just check this user’s ratings and reasons for those. I’m positive he just hopes buyers will not see that part. He doesn’t break any rule, but you can prevent this from happening. I almost bought this one for myself today, but luckily I saw his 87.0% ratings.

So, auto-tag, or auto-add “[region restricted]” or something similar beside or in the title itself will do the trick.

I hope you’ll consider, thanks.

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Just whipped it up quickly but even something like this.

Nice idea! XBOX games are flooded with argentinian game codes and games for usa region are lost in that ocean of argentinian offers. It would be nice if people could sort or exclude some regions from their search. Gameflip should think about improving navigation.

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As you can see in the picture, I added a region feature.

Like they do, the code regions should be mandatory and then be filtered by region from the buyers.

Good idea, but how would it look if the region restriction is a list of countries? It would be a long list to display.

I guess none of us ever thought of that.

Maybe it could be in our Account Settings?

We can make it so we only see codes from the country we have selected.