No response from Customer Support or Admin for Over A Week

Hi, I tried contacting customer support and an admin on here over a week ago, but I still haven’t received any responses from either. If an admin sees this, please review my support ticket. My invite code is: 8BZ1U3

Thank you in advance.

I think their might be an influx of tickets or something along those lines as I currently am having a similar issue. Give it a couple more days.

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Hey there ModernRetro,

Can you please pm me with your issue so I can further check it?

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Hi MajorTom, I will message you right now.

I am having an issue with adding money to my wallet and haven’t heard from anyone from support regarding my issue. Please help!

Help. Need my verification code. Transaction on Bank statement shows no numbers.
My code is M9KJQX

Brad_Gately, this issue was answered via ticket.

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So what about me, the person that started this thread. My issue has been ongoing for 2 weeks. Please respond to the poster.

ModernRetro, you said that you would message me 3 days ago, and I’m still waiting for your pm describing your issue.

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