No response from seller (white octane)

3 days have passed since I bought a White Octane at it says that the seller delivers in 2 days or less, but I didn´t get a response yet, should I cancel the order?

Thank you

Yea if you haven’t gotten a response in such a long time just cancel it

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Thank you for your quick answer, I might wait one more day and then I think I will cancel the order, do you know if it takes a long time for the refund to arrive?

I think it depends on what you purchased it with. It is usually pretty quick though.

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I canceled that order and made a new one, but gameflip is asking for my document verification again, I have already been approved my identity but now they are asking for my payment verification, I have submitted it, I hope they can approve it fast so I can get the item finally… because its taking forever