Offers Allowed?

As a buyer are we allowed to make an offer in the comment section of a listing? I’ve seen some gift card listings that have been listed for quite longer than most and would love to be able to make an offer on some.

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that’s’ great idea , that offer must ping to seller on his email and so he can check any time . because if any customer comment on any listing gameflip not sending email notification to seller . if seller don’t check notification on gamelfip seller can’t see any customer commented on his listing . and customer waiting for reply .Gameflip must add this feature …

You sure can :smiley:, sellers usually expect offers from other users, so go ahead and have fun.

Thank you. Lucifer I was unaware sellers do not receive a notification outside out of Gameflip if someone commented on your listing. That would explain all the questions I have seen that went unanswered. That is definitely an issue I would have if I decide to sell on here. I thought the seller may have been ignoring the comments and I could have easily decided I would not want to buy from them and that would be unfair to them.