[Suggestion] Best Offer feature

Although I like this service much better than eBay, there is one aspect that I feel eBay takes full advantage of, and this site doesn’t; which is Best Offers. I suggest that sometime in the future these be added, because they’re super helpful in any online marketplace. The trouble I see here, is that while someone can make a lower offer in the listing comments, that offer is public and so is the new price if the seller changes it. For example, there was an item I wanted to buy at a price 4$ lower than the original price, so I asked the seller if he could lower his price in the listing comments. He lowered it, but that bumped his listing up in the “most recent” filter, and someone else bought it before I could. Maybe that’s just an intentional part of how the site should operate, but I believe that being able to send sellers offers for items would make it easier for them to sell, and clean up listing comments quite a bit. (As a side note, if this feature was implemented I probably wouldn’t name it “Best Offers”, eBay might not be too happy :slight_smile:"

This is actually something that we do have on our road map that we want to implement. Unfortunately we do not have a time frame of when we’ll be able to get to this feature, but do also believe this would be good to have.

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