Payment Verification Code

I’ve been a member for the past few days and I tried my first Add Funds of $25 to USD. Now, it gave me a notification to confirm payment veification and I followed all the steps and after a few mins it completed the transaction. For the next few days however, I kept getting the usual How to find Payment Verification code and it keeps telling me how to find it and i know exactly where to but I haven’t received and email, notification or anything. So, it cancelled and refunded me my money. Where exactly do I input this code? I have it and Gameflip has not given me the link or and email so that I may complete this transaction!


Hello CecDaBeast!

Could you please inform me your invite code, so I could have a further look?

God speed!

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My code is E7EH28

How exactly were you able to add it for future reference so I dont have to reach out to you guys?

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