Paypal Cancel cashout

How do I Cancel a Paypal Cashout? I have 2 cashouts, and I want to only Cashout the 97.02 Dollar one.
My Account code is FTBJJ9
This is My account and I would like to Cancel Only the 97.02 Cashout.
Thanks for any help !- Nathan Greenberg

Pm @op_JOkEr providing your invite code and specifying the request you want to cancel.

Check this post: Payout Reversal Requests

Thanks! I have already done this but he has yet to reply. Just wondering if I did something wrong :slight_smile:

He might be full of requests. Just wait for him to reply or check for yourself if its done in case he don’t reply to you (that happened to me).

Thanks! Just gotta wait i guess

honestly just trying to figure out still if they scammed us all or not. waiting 4 days now and haven’t got my payout.

nope, i got mine after 5 days, just be patient my friend.

I cant seem to figure out how to pm on this site, your help would be greatly appreciated. I am also in need of requesting a cashout cancel.

Edit: Oh nevermind since im new to forums I guess I cant message yet.

Apparently you need at least to reply 3 times on posts or just sticking around while reading some topics for a short time.