"Pending" Sales Randomly Return after a Year of "Instant" Sales.

I just sold a digital item for $2.50 & now have to wait a solid two days to have the funds. I haven’t had to wait for a single item I’ve sold in well over a year now. I’ve solid Xbox Live cards, gift cards, games, in game items, etc. & had the “pending” penalty removed awhile ago after building a good enough selling reputation. 182 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative ratings.

Why is it randomly back? Can I get it removed… again somehow? Help is appreciated.

Invite Code (GG) “Member since Aug 2016”: GF22KK

Hi, dunn has said it was a system change, everyone has to go through this process. Likewise as last time, the more you sell, the lower the pending time


Alright, well thank you for the info.