People FALSE reporting

Hey Gameflip And to everyone im Quite Young Nearly in my adult hood and I only use gameflip to have fun enjoy selling and buying and i seem pretty good at it and people have been not satisfied with what i have either helped them on or Given them something which has made people comment on my post scammer ect and have people now saying to me oh i checked your comments and people saying your a scammer which have no explanation and when i bought something yesterday the person was delaying so much to me and i said please cancel the deal because this seller has been so aggressive towards me and saying im Rude and hes going to report me, Me for being so what rude and scamming and he knows the CEO of game flip and is threating me what shall i do everyone please help me i have depression from these people now.

i have Alot more pictures and more accusations with other people 2 just asking and making sure i know what im buying this sellers comes across as a rude person