People still buying off me while I’m banned

Ya my account is banned again and people are still buying stuff from me and messaging me wanting there items I’m tired of this and it’s the same reason it says again you guys are seriously pissing me off and your support tickets suck no one ever gets back to me

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@dunnbiscuit you on

I was not warned about borderlands 2 stuff even though many other people are selling it I can delete all the post if I have to if that’s the reason why

Please post your ticket number so the forum moderators can check it.

Ticket number #468792

How long do they take to respond been 48 hours now cause people are canceling there order on me and I’m getting bad reveiws and loosing money here

Still no reply on anything by anyone got about 5 canceled sales from people not getting there items cause I can’t log in loading money here like come on would like to know what’s going on here@DunnBiscuit