People still buying off me while I’m banned

Ya my account is banned again and people are still buying stuff from me and messaging me wanting there items I’m tired of this and it’s the same reason it says again you guys are seriously pissing me off and your support tickets suck no one ever gets back to me

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@dunnbiscuit you on

I was not warned about borderlands 2 stuff even though many other people are selling it I can delete all the post if I have to if that’s the reason why

Please post your ticket number so the forum moderators can check it.

Ticket number #468792

How long do they take to respond been 48 hours now cause people are canceling there order on me and I’m getting bad reveiws and loosing money here

Still no reply on anything by anyone got about 5 canceled sales from people not getting there items cause I can’t log in loading money here like come on would like to know what’s going on here@DunnBiscuit

??? Hello anyone

Hello Did you submit a ticket for gameflip?

Ya I did and there so slow on responding and not explaining stuff right

Hello Austin_Krause!

I just verified your case and found that you were selling forbidden Borderlands 2 hacks.

Now regarding the sales, I verified and there is no pending orders on your account.

Also, I would be able to provide you a second chance, but I found that you tried to conduct sales outside of Gameflip with the information on the about section of your profile.

Next time, you see someone selling a forbidden item, please use the report button on the listing screen of the forbidden item.

:trident: New forum moderators!

It takes 1 ~ 2 Days to respond to you If they don’t, that means they got a lot of tickets so you have to wait for them.

Ya cause I have a family to feed man and I’ve been selling with you guys for 3 years and I never got a warning like all the other guys you warned it wasent fair so of course I had to go to other site to make money since you guys abandoned me But it’s whatever eBay treats me better and dosent ban me out of nowhere say it was a mistake and than bans me again for with no warning show how much you guys care about your sellers I will make sure a lot of people don’t come back here cause it’s just messed up how you treat your sellers

Gameflip is just a scam it use to be such a rest site than just turned to crap If somethings not allowed on gameflip warn the person don’t just ban them and take their money but oh for all the other modders selling modded stuff like naughty bob and nsg dark that even say modder on there bio and sell modded guns and gear and even account behind your back get a warning and you tell them just to change the name of the item to not modded it’s all just lies and you guys don’t care it’s just messed up

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