Please help me lift the ban. I'm a novice in gameflip. I don't understand

I’m sorry, I’m the gameflip recommended by my friend. In this short period of time, I’ve also sold a lot of cards, and I’ve also received unanimous praise from the buyers. I like this platform very much. I’m not sure about gameflip’s rules, so I didn’t trade by the rules. My product details page says that the goods will be delivered in one day. At that time, the buyer said that if he wanted to hurry up, I would let him wait for me. I asked him about steam’s account information, and I think it would be faster to complete the transaction with the buyer. I don’t know the rules of gameflip. This is prohibited. When I want to log in again when I ship to the buyer, my account has been sealed. Now I ask you to unpack it for me. I have 700 dollars in it, which is very important to me. I can’t do without the money Please give me a chance. I will read the rules and regulations carefully. Please help me lift the ban!

Hello zhanzebin,

After further checking into this, I can see that your account was suspended since you were asking to log into buyers Steam accounts to apply gift cards and by not sending purchased code in a timely fashion.

An email was sent to you at the time explaining your suspension.

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