Please unban me (Or at least respond)

I was banned for selling identical keys to users on the game flip.

Information: I created 8 ads with the same key, the key is used for activating Windows 10 on desktops. *Just a note, these keys work exactly like a key with a single-use. There is no difference, I activated my computer with one about a year ago and it is still active to this day. You could find these easily by searching “Windows 10” in the market place. The reason I sold duplicate keys was that the keys I got supplied had multiple uses. For instance, the key I got this time had 12 uses on it. I sold the first 4 ads with the same key to different users and it all went smoothly (remember, my keys have multiple uses). But then, this guy/gal buys 4 of my key ads. I told them in the buyer/seller chat that the key can be used 5 times (I didn’t want to tell him it had 8 because I still could have sold more keys). The reason it was 5 and not 4 was because I wanted to add a bonus. (Admins of this website most likely still have the data of our chat if they want to check). The guy/gal didn’t comply or register anything I was explaining and brought up a dispute. I proceeded to tell them to send me a screenshot of the keys not working (which he never did) and I’d refund them. A day later I was banned from selling multiple keys.

It would be very helpful if there was a way to actually talk to a site administrator instead of waiting days for them to respond with robot produced messages by email. Keep in mind I had 23 “good ratings”, 0 “meh ratings” and 0 “bad ratings” until that point. I didn’t know that selling multiple keys was an issue, I know for a fact there are still multiple people doing this. Could I please get unbanned or at least respond to this matter on why I should not be unbanned. Thank you.

Thats not allowed to sell here