Please unban me

Prior knowledge: I was banned for selling duplicate keys with multiple uses.

I’m very sorry, I didn’t know that this was a rule. I’ve done it for about a month without having any problems? I sold duplicate keys because they had multiple uses in them meaning one could be used and another user can use it right after. For instance, if a key had 8 uses I would put it for sale 8 times, and if the key ran out of uses I would refund or give a replacement key to the user. I do have proof of this through my messages and past sales. I would do anything for an unban/suspension, please. I’ve used game flip for about 3-4 months and enjoyed every moment of it, there is no other website like it. I can pay a fee if there is one, please let me know.

So, its not actually keys? may be a review code?

The keys were for windows 10. They worked exactly as any other key. I would claim the keys with multiple uses (usually 5) then put 5 listings up. When users went to use the keys they worked fine. So the keys DID work. I actually used one of them and they are still working for my computer atm.