pls show promo in in-app notifications

first, im using android…

sometimes i get a push notification on my phone about a promo “flash sale something…” or “half off whatever…” but when i click to launch the app i cant find what promo you are advertising.

it would be great if i can read the promo in my in-app notifications

The notification usually says search “insert keyword here”…

right, but sometimes i dont see the whole msg when i have a lot of push notifications, plus it would be so much easier if i can launch app>notifications>click to launch to shows the eligible products then manually typing in the keyword

So it doesn’t get listed in the notifications within the app?

That’s definitely a great suggestion and something we hope to be able to implement in the future. We’ve actually brought this up (as well as other push notification features) to our engineers, and apparently it’s a big feature change and won’t be able to get to this any time soon with everything in the pipeline right now.

However, I noticed we made the copy for the notification a bit longer than usual which it’s good that you brought this up so I’ll make sure to at least have the more important message (the search word, etc.) towards the beginning of the message to try and help out with this for the time being.

I also wanted to add to this as this is something i hated too! I like when i see promos and other things going on but when i click on it and it takes me to gameflip it doesn’t show up anywhere. you cant see it in notifications or forums( half the time) or anywhere else. and when we want to know more about it we just become lost.
It does need to appear more, maybe even add it to the forum so we can all see? at least until your engineers can get something going.

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yes making sure ALL promos show up in forums would be a good start and it doesnt require any technical changes.

like you post all the raffles to the forums which are cool but not all the sales. sales should be a higher priority right since they generate revenue?

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thats why i said they should post in the forums so its there for all to see and we get updated on it. as well as no technical changes need to be made on the app. simple as a new picture and a few words!

@John_Blaine @Vincents_Gaming What I had planned is when we officially launched the website, we could easily create a link to the sale items (search term) page and would have this posted in the forums. However, since the functionality and flow of the website is stable, we can start doing that sooner than later!