Problem with the app to login

Hi, I’m 124RX3
I have been having problems, the app always asks me for credentials again after a certain time, the matter was not a major problem, but now it has become critical to the point that it is making me lose good offers since I am a regular Google gift buyer cards.
I try to enter and it sends me to the browser, I put the access credentials and it comes out that I am not authorized, sometimes doing it several times gives me access and asks for a phone number, and it appears again that I am not authorized, the sms if it reaches me But still the app does not allow me to access … as I indicated I try to enter repeatedly until I manage to enter, but it is something exasperating since sometimes there are good prices and I waste a lot of time on something that was so simple before, because the app did not expire the session

I have uninstalled the app
I have changed my phone and I don’t know what else to do

Can you login into Gameflip from a web browser with the same login method (e.g. same user/password or same Google/Facebook account)? If you still cannot login to website with the same information, then there could be some issue with your account and not the app itself.