Problem with two buyers possibly been scammed

So in the first case they bought two codes for the same item claimed it was for a European account which my codes were NTSC. I canceled said trades and the code were used.

The second case we did a trade off site I sent first. He recently posted a video stating he would not pay me.

Here is the video he claims I slapped on a magic number and attacked him on Facebook which I do not use and as proof you can check the facebook account connected to my account. We agreed on $3 per pound plus the shipping costs. This listing which he took down has the evidence. Should never have dealt with him.


Unfortunately I can’t help you here at all.

First, you canceled the transactions without escalating to Gameflip. Once the transactions are canceled they can’t be reversed. In this case, we can investigate the buyer’s account and take any action if necessary.

For the second case, since the transaction was made outside Gameflip, nothing can be done.

Also, as a warning, do not make transactions outside Gameflip. If we see you doing this again, your account can be permanently suspended.

Thank you.


message to mod

please delete this thread he was simple extorting me. we met on . he was trying to get me banned. he force-ably sends me unwanted gamestop dumpster trash. then trolls me every two days. until I can afford to pay. he charges me 150 every two weeks he gets me banned from every site for not paying him protection. at the moment he comes calling. he has done this since November 2017. he has my i.p. address and makes fake accounts like me. he trolls my town and family. he has had me swatted my job. this man is a monster. he buns out my caners phones so I cant get treatments. he says if I can’t pay anymore he’s going to his next step. he has already made a sex hook up craigslist add for homosexual sex sending homosexuals to my home. I’m over his trolling. please help me by deleting this thread. please stop letting him make me his tool. I have censer and will be dead soon. he calls my hospital and cancels my appointments. he has all my real life info and gives it to anyone on and e chat trolling under my logging name he made to look like mine there. he scams as me and will never stop. please delete this thread and stop aiding scammers. stop being gullible.

all this was off-site so don’t take action. just delete this forum thread post, please.

When will the lies stop. Simple and true version. We made a trade off site as proved using the link above from a listing he took down. He has started to pay me. He claims I did all these things to him for whatever reason. He has been selling what I sent him. Regardless the ruling has been made.

message to the mods

see a troll can twist anything and the mods will bend to there will. please delete this thread mods I have been paying his extortion money he’s just doing this for sport. he has trolled me in this manner on 7 games site getting me banned for life but he remains on all them. please don’t fall for his tricks and ban me too. he will have me swatted again and worse me hinted at having me killed if I can’t pay up when he comes calling. even though he knows my work schedule from calling my job and posing as me to get my work hours. he knows how much I make. this man is a monster., stop aiding his trolling. please help me and delete this thread and ask him to stop making forum troll post about me

I am just trying to set the message straight. I am trying to remove the disinformation and lies.

I really wish things did not turn out this way between us.

I did not call Swat on you or know your schedule ask your managers.


Look this bro!! Ty

Thinking about it again didn’t you say your old account was banned meaning you have two accounts. I recall you mentioning you were advertising leaptrade and got banned from the forums or was that just a suspension

At the moment both of you are aggravating the situation while not really helping the situation. While @Eric_Kim raised an issue , @DunnBiscuit posted a reply about it and the matter should have stopped there itself.
If continued the likelyhood of both of you getting suspended and/or banned are high. Please conduct yourself properly in these forums

@Turbo_Skins, please refrain from calling @Tali “bro”. This is from an earlier posting


I called @tali for her to see this and close the post maybe, and I do not avoid it, whenever I think it’s necessary I’ll call it a mod.

Which i commend for your actions , but she clearly shows her preference of herself not to be addressed as “bro”, but you clearly did it anyway. There’s a clear difference from bringing someone’s attention to a post and addressing someone.

I will not waste my time with you bro, I’m just wanting mod to see this to finish the discussion! Thanks :pray:

Apparently you still do not understand what I am trying to explain to you.

Maybe @Tali can enlighten you.

Hello guys, I’ll close this topic since it doesn’t need any further answer. If any report needs to be made, please PM me so I can follow up with this. If any threat is being made offline, please contact your local authorities.

Here, if I continue to spot unnecessary accusations, I’ll suspend any account involved. Thank you.


Dunnbiscuit please help. I’m so devastated right now. This person stole approximately 20 of my most valuable items in a scam trade. And now he has posted them on his profile for sale after asking him nicely and patiently to please give back my items. Please do some. I’m to the point that I’m so aggravated by this that I’m planning on stopping the whole rocket league experience as well as gameflip use it just hurts my stomach to think how naive I was and how evil this person is. Please help me. I have a video and everything all the necessary roof to put this guy out of business. Please I’m desperately heart broken… the person name is
Klaxosaurio and he is a pro scammer… I put out some advice post so people know about him and his scams