Purchase Verification Issue, No Code, Huntington Bank

I just tried buying a $100 PSN code on here and its asking me to verify it with a 4 character code. I’ve bought from here in the past many times so I expected this on a larger purchase like that. The problem is that its showing up in the pending section of my bank account differently now than it used to. I bought 3 things in total. The first one was $15.22, the second was $5.45, and the third, the psn code was $94.02… all 3 transactions show up in my account exactly the same. “GAMEFLP 408-9333923 CA” followed by my debit card number. I cant give a verification code if they dont give me the code in the place it should be, which is in the title of the charge. I’d be fine with just cancelling the transaction if I saw an option to do that, but I dont. How do I either verify the purchase and get my item, or cancel the transaction and keep my money?

I’ve been having the same exact problem have u found a solution ?

Hello, please contact our support team here:


Also, you may send me your invite code so I can try to provide further help.


It’s the 4 characters after Gameflp*95-(4 characters here).