Purchases under review after verify application approved

This is getting ridiculous. I have 40+ successful transactions using my same paypal account I’ve been using. Then suddenly all my further purchases are under review. I submitted my verify application, it was approved. Once it was approved my under review items went through. However, not changing anything in my purchasing method, every single purchase since my application was approved is under review. Your anti-fraud system is obviously bugged. If this continues to happen with my purchases I’m going to stop using this site.

Please fix this! Thank you!

@op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit can you please let me know what’s up?

Could you also check out this thread?

It would be awesome to get a response from a moderator+

Hi Klexen,

I’m sorry to hear that. Our notifications about new search results don’t go out instantly. It’s a batch process handled by our servers so every couple minutes you should be getting updates if there are new results to your search.

To test if you actually have a bug, please try following a new and very broad search such as “In-Game Items” and nothing else, then wait. If you don’t get any notification, please get back to us in this thread.

That’s exactly what I’ve done. Several times. I never get notifications for followed list. Not instantly or ever.

I still have items under review too. I don’t understand why? What can I do differently to avoid this in the future? Is this something I will just have to deal with from here on out? Maybe a new account would work? At least for the first 40 transactions?

Have you verified your account with ID etc? This should help expedite your transactions faster.

There are also several actions that could be considered as fraudulent and deem your account as suspicious.
I can check that for you if you send me your invite code via PM.

Hummm that’s weird. Did you confirm if you app preferences are set to receive notifications at all times?
If you allowed notifications be sent both via APP and via your operational system, then I’d ask you to reinstall the app.

If the problem persists, then please PM me and we go from there.

Hi Klexen, did op_JOkEr explains to you how buyer can prevent their purchases from being reviewed? If yes, would you be able to share? I have made over 40+ purchases, but had to verify myself 2x already. I am currently under review for the 3rd times. I am not sure what I am doing wrong that might the triggering this. Thank you!

By being verified you should be already going through a lot less reviews.
If you’d like me to check your account for a better understanding, please PM me your invite code.

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I am new to this forum, how do I PM you my code? Just reply on here?

To send us a PM, please click within our profile picture and thenm click on the orange “Message” button.


Hi, I tried that but it said i cannot send a private message to that individual. :frowning:

Hi Dunn, I tried that but it when I clicked send, it gave me an error saying I’m not allowed to send a private message to that individual. How else can I provide you with my personal game flip code? Thanks!

Provide me here then. I’ll be able to help you. Thanks!

All my purchases came through (after a day or so, which defeat the purpose of automatic delivery). Customer support gave me a response as to why all my purchases were placed under reviews. Perhaps i buy too many at a time?

Hi, I just placed a new purchase and it is now under review. Could you please review my account and let me know why? Thanks!

I need your invite code, without it I won’t be able to find your account.

I sent it to you via PM. Could you please check?

Can you check my funds under review? I have my phone verified already so I’m not sure why it’s under review. My invite code is 7QYEP9.

Your purchases were falling under review due to the value of them.
I have seen you canceled the purchases already.

Hello @Mason_Meisenburg,

Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you and I will be glad to help you out.

Could you please provide me your invite code so I can take a look into your account?

God Speed! :trident: