Question on whether I am able to be refunded

I had recently purchased a key for player unknown battlegrounds and after rating the seller a day later steam sent me a message saying that the key has been removed from my account due to questionable payment sources. My question basically is can i actually file some sort of dispute or something to get a refund? I had already rated the seller and the key was working fine up until that day

Contact Gameflip support with proof like a screenshot…they might help you @DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr @AponeGF

The issue is I am unable to ptovide proof the key wad removed as I just didnt really think about it.

You should take screenshot of steam allert, and look up on purchase history on steam and take screenshot. That all. is not first time happen it here on gameflip. Once my key were revoked to and i got money back, dont worry.

Payement is on hold for a few days after you rate for this reason, support should be able to help you out.

Not sure what support will be able to do without proof unless you can call the company and try to get some sort of tangible evidence

If you have enough evidence about the case, the transacion will be rescinded.

If not, I can’t guarantee a refund.

Please send me your invite code via PM so I can help you further.