realNemesis is scamming us a lot of money but you refused to give us a refund

Hello, can you please solve the problem for us? Your previous customer service promised to refund us, but then asked us to sell the code that has been used by the seller, let the buyer report us, and then let us use the report as evidence to claim against you. So you can give us a refund.

Can someone re-examine this case.As a reputable seller, we will never meet your rude requests.We don’t want to be fooled by your customer service[Andrei] again and again.

Even if you can see that the seller has re-sold codes that have already been sold to us through your platform, you are refusing to refund us for security reasons.

Assigned to Andrei Id #789766

@DarkKnight DarkKnight

Hello @simplycss!

I have verified your ticket and can see that the Support Team requested further information from you to prove that the codes you informed were in fact defective, in order to proceed with the refund process.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to proceed with this case from here since the Support Team is already checking your case, but feel free to verify with the Support Team through ticket if you have questions ok.

Godspeed! :trident: