Recent’s suspensions !!! My deduction

the bans and my deduction from the facts. (deduction, make it very clear) the seller sells a 334 item to himself (another account or a friend) using a 15% coupon and in the end pays 283, on his or his friend's account, discounted the 4% of fees he receives 320 for the sale. if he has received 320 and paid only 283 he will be earning 37 each time he makes that coup. here it arrives here in the forum, all that have been forbidden as if they did not know dust reason, everybody has wing and halo! They are stealing the coupons of who they could be using honestly, because if it deals with reduced amount they finish very fast. so steal the coupons and still steal the Site! If it was a popular jury it would not return 1. Glad that gameflip found out in time. Ban 0 on them!

Some mod, can you explain me if this was it? or are you running the secrecy? thanks gameflip for clearing the community flipper. @op_JOkEr @DunnBiscuit @Tali @TheFuBar