remove unfair ratings

buyer says i took to long … i state in all my listings that i may take up to 3 days to deliver so to say i take to long when i deliver in 24 -48 hours is ridiculous need these removed please guy just wanted to be the first to give me bad ratings …

profile Code :6G2L92
Order id:dfe5f4a3-2e8b-41f2-a9a0-f576ef95d352
Order id: b13e6152-6d9e-4e34-a819-3d743d05b90d

My listing states 3 days to deliver "potentially " I delivered the same day he bought the item within 24hrs

Also the order ID which the negative rating happened will need to be provided.

if yu delivery my items in 24-48 hours.
unhesitatingly.i can give you poor feedback.
if you don’t have a valid reason

Can you show me where it states that it could take up to 3 days delivery? In the description of the listing or here:

Updated with pictures and order id

Hello ArmyMP,

Since your listing states that you will send the item(s) within 3 days, you have the right to remove the negative feedback, as long as the purchase was delivered within that time frame.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

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Yep thanks

Hello U.S.ArmyMP,

After further checking this, I’ve removed both ratings for you.


Thank you boss

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