[Request received] Invite code: RPXPUH Suspension.


Hi guys, so my account was suspended for selling Pf Chang’s Gift Cards. I was told before I should only sell physical cards of these, but I went around this by selling PDF versions of these which I thought would be fine and it seemed to be ok until now. If you look at my history of selling on site you will see that I am one of the most responsive and communicative sellers on site. I love your site not only for the selling but purchasing. So my question, is it possible to regain access to my account and either enable selling and I just won’t sell these anymore, or as a last option, at least let me have back my buying abilities, I would hate to lose these as I buy from your site and resell on listia I love your and their token. Been following since the beginning. I am a senior at Colorado State University and this has helped me get by not having to work and concentrate on my studies. I totally understand your position and my apologies for breaking the terms, if you could take a look at my stance that would be grateful. It would be different if I had been a bad seller then I wouldn’t even ask. I can provide eBay and or listia feedback reference as well if that would help my case. But at the least I would like to request my buying abilities to be restored if the lather is not an option. Thanks for hearing me out.


Hey guys, just wanted to vouch for Digital_Deals_Today, I have bought from him a few times and his discounts are awesome. Please let him sell again :slight_smile:


Digital_Deals is normal guy. He made a mistake, but he is a good seller.


Hey! Can you send me your invite code so I can check this further?



Hi DunnBiscuit. Yeah isn’t it the one posted in the title? [Request received] Invite code: RPXPUH Suspension.


Thanks 11192 and diran