Revoked gift card

On April 10th I bought a visa gift card from the user “Sam” and we completed the transaction without any problems and I spent the balance of the purchased card on, today I logged in and I see that he has revoked the card and all the expenses made. Is there any way to contact the seller or make a refund of the transaction?

Order ID: 5d255992-48a2-4872-a7eb-cee912179c87
Your Code: URFTGG
Screenshot of the order

Screenshot when I try to log in to

Screenshot of the email received by amazon from the chargeback received (this is where I used the balance of the visa gift card purchased)

Screenshot of amazon account balance. (I used the visa gift card to buy an amazon gift card and gave it to a friend)

In this transaction the card when I bought it instead of $50 already had $37, which we easily solved because he gave me another card to make up for what was missing and we had no trouble completing the transaction. Now that I was rereading it when he said “well that wasnt on it until it sold. but since you used the other $37 ill get you a $15-$20 card” seems a little suspicious to me, since you can’t not know that you made an expense before you sold it, maybe it’s a stolen or questionable card.

Hey, if you haven’t done so already, please contact us at, if you haven’t done so already.

The team will be able to provide full assistance over there.

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