Rippers trying to rip me please help...


Hello please I’m a new member but I’m honest and I respect my identity and will not dent my name, so I had to verify my account and I have I never tried to scam anyone here but some new members keep disputing my cards, some take few hours and then report, but they are all new members and not verified, please how do I go about this? I have 3 dispute at the moment but I assure you my cards are good, the new accounts credits their account but a card redeem it and make a complain, I know they do this to a lot of vendors on here but this is really bad, I’m scared of losing my money, I’m a student and this is a business I do to pay my bills, please I need help…


Submit a ticket to support, send all evidence you have, proof about your codes. You can submit a ticket thru form on this link

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