Scammer opens 3 dispute after 1 hour of purchasing 3 Apple

I have been selling my cards for the past few days with no issues and here comes an unverified account, he buys 3 Apple Cards and open a dispute after an hour, this happened before, almost a year ago and still it was from a non verified account, please @gameflip needs to do something about this, I prefer to sell for only verified account but there’s no filter to restrict non verified accounts from purchasing from my store. I don’t upload bad cards and I try as much as possible to make sure there’s no mistake with the codes.
Please I need help
I hate it when this happens.
If there was a way to filter buyers then I’d definitely restrict non verified account from purchasing from my store.

My code: ZK42GJ

Buyers acc: C Robinson C Robinson - Gameflip

Orders ID: 16287759-8e1b-4f68-a96b-4c562ce7abf8,



Please I need help.

I got same problem multiple time before

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Yes it happens to me almost every time. Gameflip support helps me sort it out but it’s just annoying when it does.

what do u mean for gameflip help you " sort " ? sort for what ?

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I mean they help resolve the issue. Most of these buyers do it on purpose, just like this guy, he bought one card, used it, bought another, used it and then the third one and then opens a dispute on all, some people will just open dispute on few, but support tries to help resolve the dispute.

Since I’ve been selling here, I try my best to help buyers when they have issues, I’m always online or will reply fast to assist them, some opens dispute if there’s a misunderstanding and I resolve it and they close the dispute but this guy is just a liar and a cheat.

Seeing a dispute annoys me, unless I’m at fault and it resolve the issues same day, you can tell by the review from my customers, I don’t like disputes because I get restless when that happens, like what if they get away with scamming me and all that thoughts. It’s not cool and I’m hoping gameflip puts a restriction and only verified members can purchase, cause non verified account are not scared to loss their account, they can simply create another one…

I wouldn’t say every single new accounts are like that, I’ve had many buy from me and complete the transaction with no issues but most people just takes advantage of the fact that they could easily create a new account. I wish it’s possible to restrict non verified accounts.

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The reason why I said not all new or non verified accounts are scammers. A non verified account just purchased the remaining cards I had uploaded earlier on successfully with no issues. One of the cards was there days before I uploaded the once the scammer bought, although I recently wrote on the listen that I don’t want non verified accounts to purchase from me, the guy did still but completed the transaction and left a feedback and I thanked him so much because if he had done the same thing like the scammer did, then I it would be as if I was uploading used cards on Gameflip, I was really happy when he completed the transaction, still have a big smile on my face lol

I’m still waiting for Gameflip to decide.
I’m not here to scam no one and all I do is upload affordable gift cards and most times with good discounts. It’s so unfair some people would try to take advantage of that, it got me scared and makes it harder for me to upload more cards at this point, honestly speaking…

Please help.

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goodluck man

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Hello @VerifiedSeller,

I have verified the order and can see that a dispute was opened

Once a dispute is opened, the Review Team will verify and request further information and I can see that they already contacted you regarding this case.

So please wait till they provide you further information regarding the case ok and feel free to send them any additional information if you have any.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: