Rocket League Sellers

I think we should all come together and stop selling RL items until the fee is again, reset to 0%. They already charge a “fee” to add money to your wallet, so the people the 0% promotion brought in generated them some extra cash i’m sure. I know I, for one, added money to my wallet on numerous occasions. I just signed up on 5/1 and sold 80+ items and bought 30-40. I got a lot of items that I wouldn’t have been able to afford without cashing in all my stuff that I couldn’t seem to trade, so I’m thankful for that. But I’m not going to keep selling/buying keys and getting taxed.

Are you joking, right? this website works thanks to the fees

Place fees on the cash out. There is already fees on adding cash. I’d even be okay with paying a small fees month for free listings. But i constantly sell .75 items and paying a fee for each one is obsurd.

Fees on adding founds and cashout are for paypal or websites gameflip worth with, not for gameflip.

Gameflip make money on fees, this how they can run all this project.

0% never was supposed to be forever, it was just promotion for a limited time, i know it was great to have 0% of fees, you was able to make more money or just do better prices. Now if you wanna continue to sell, you have to think how to make your profit, sell for more or just earn less?

I was selling before pubg items with 0% of fees and i know that is great, i could do better prices and earn more so i understand you, but you should understand gameflip aswell.


The only issue I have with it is for keys. I buy low and sell a couple cents higher. I’ll no longer be able to compete with other people who get their keys from other sources.

Just try to move to other items maybe. Maybe check out now fortnite? Idk. There are hard time for all of us.

The thing that attracted me was being able to get rid of items I normally wouldn’t ever trade, and being able to generate a small portion of the keys I use/spend. I could Buy 100 keys, sell 1/3-1/2 is em and I recovered a little bit of my investment. I’m still gonna buy from the site, just don’t find it profitable to flip keys anymore