Scam Attemp By Seller


I am Tom Bombadil as offical featured store owner and 700+ positive feedback seller. Yesterday, i bought an item from this seller. After waited 1 hour, the seller responded on private conversation window and said " he goes working, tomorrow" and i requested to cancel my order if he’s gonna give item for tomorrow. He marked the processing as delivered instead of cancel. I do not received any items or any steam requests and immediately hold to process and reported as scammer with screenshots. After 7 hours, while i sleep, this guy responded on same conversation window as screenshots which shows an invitation for my steam name and without any shame he says i added you and you didnt answer and also called me as “a…” because i reported him. Please i highly suggest and request to take a look this unfortunate and disagreeable fact and as i mentioned at my email, i request a cancelation and refund the money about this.

I opened this topic in here because lately, we’re fighting with so much scammers as a legit sellers on gameflip. People who has no shame and no honor, trying to cheat and scam everyone on gameflip and they’re not even hesitate to say any lie about it. I know you guys trying to take a precaution for all those things but you’re a way too slow to act and this cost us to lose our customers or even your legit members. Please hire more new bloods or create a small group to take action immediately for this such a scammer attempts.


Tom Bombadil

Every day about 3000 tickets raised, i dont know how 10 11 people handle all of this burden

I think you can immediately dispute and don’t rate (you probably know that but for those readers who don’t), then the scammer won’t get away with it.

well, honestly i did and still on hold, waiting for response from gameflip. The guy still talking totally empty in that private window. Even i asked 2 times for his steam link for delivery and also said im gonna record entire situation. Not even responded my main question.He just playing with words and doing nothing except talking. So i stopped the writing and waiting for gameflip

Should be an easy case for Gameflip to resolve then.

Yes, if seller admit in chat, then case is easy for gameflip

Hey @TomBombadil.

Please send me via PM your ticket number so i can help you further!

still no answers. Neither @DunnBiscuit answered nor gameflip support. Still waiting an explanation, cancellation, refund and ban this scammer as well. 5 days already passed since this problem started. Ohh also this seller still spamming some words cause of he doesnt want to get ban and trying to counter offer. What a pity.


Your refund has been issued. Thank you for your patience.